The rigor and difficulty of the GED has been found to be much greater then that for a high school diploma in most cases, yet it is treate…

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Because US high schools are not about teaching kids to think, analyze, or to solve problems logically. They are about "educating good employees" with some very rare exceptions.

The G.E.D. test is for getting a high school diploma for kids not compliant enough to make good employees.

Here's the problem: Free thinkers do not fit well in our school system because these are the kids who are asking "why" questions with new eyes…

Questions like:
Why does my employer get to keep 90% of the net profit, when it's the front line folks working for them who earned that profit for them?  "Well educated" kids just accept that as "just the way it is." Or How do you assert that it's perfectly ok because "I made an agreement to accept this" when every single employer is running the exact same game?

Why is it legally ok that an employer takes me to task, and ultimately fires me for being "too expensive" when I earn $2 per hour more than his "best producer" and bring in $14 to $26 per hour (net) more? Shouldn't I, instead, be getting a $7 per hour raise for my efficiency and hard work?

Why am I earning $22 per hour now with more tools, skills, and ability, but at <1/5 the spending power, of the $18 per hour I was getting 20 years ago?… and how the F is that OK in any world?!

Why is it that the wealthy and the multinational corporations are now paying far less in taxes ^as a percentage of income^ than I have to pay, and in many cases pay less than zero %?! 
How is to Ok that they have bribed a treasonous Congress for the "favors" which allow this to happen?!
Why are these folks not in prison under USC 18 or RICO for their bribery and treason? Were I to attempt such a thing I would be in prison.

How is it OK that "our" Congresscritters  have voted themselves into the top 5% of earners, with benefits so generous no ordinary Citizen could ever hope to have, while refusing to do their One Job of protecting the Constitution, and We The People can't do a damned thing about it?

That's why the G.E.D. is held in lower regard than a diploma while being more rigorous.  Because the folks who take it are the ones who ask all kinds of terribly inconvenient Why and How questions. Worse yet, they usually refuse to "just shut up and accept" the kleptocrats' answer of "Because I said so!" as any kind of valid response.

Note: I'm one of those "inconvenient" question askers who aced the C.H.S.P.E. a year early and got a 98% on the A.S.V.A.B. while taking both tests cold (no additional study) in 1/2 the "approved" time.

That High School Diploma doesn't really indicate what you've learned in school, as much as it indicates how sucessfull you are in being compliant to the assertions of "authority figures." 

In short the "critical" measure of the diploma is that you're willing and able to accept "That's just the way it is." as a valid "answer" to your legitemate Why and How questions.

The rigor and difficulty of the GED has been found to be much greater then that for a high school diploma in most cases, yet it is treate…