I am a math graduate, male, but I am very much attracted to cooking. Will that make me appear effeminate?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Cooking? Effeminate?

As a tween (1973mumble) I was the only guy in school who played the flute. I caught LOTS of crap for that one until I explained my logic…
I was male and interested in girls, so… go where the girls are… I also idolized Jethro Tull. That same reasoning (plus a love of cooking) took me into Home Economics classes, over the strenuous objections of the principal and vice principal. Once I explained my logic… the principal started laughing as he signed off on it. The Vice principal (a lady) was still fuming as he signed.

I caught a fair amount of crap for that from my peers in junior high school and high school but, then again… consider the source. Meh. Not the most thoughtful bunch.

Here's what's really interesting about this:
After all the crap I caught, along with a few fights… Whenever my buddies and I went camping or backpacking I was always the superstar because I was the only one in the group who could turn simple, poor, ingredients into a feast. Ever try to turn those early freeze dried eggs into something which is actually edible, much less tasty? Now that's a skill! 

Our little band of brothers was also the only group in our school who took these 3 and 5 day backpacking trips and had girls asking to come with us… repeatedly. Why? We ate really well, no matter what.

Want to see a girl deeply impressed? As in "My belly just went all warm and gooey for you!"
Take her camping. Take her fishing. Catch some trout. Then pull an onion, a lemon, some aluminium foil, and some basil, out of your pack along with a few potatoes or some Bannock bread mix (that you made from scratch of course), and turn that trout into a feast for her using just one fillet knife, a stick, and the coals of a camp fire.
Gals simply melt! Repeatedly. Every. Single. Time.

Interesting fact:
Cooking is also an anology for life in many ways.  If you can gather just 2 or 3 decent quality ingredients, you can even make a feast out of powdered eggs. Some of it is about what you have at hand (what resources the social strata you were born to bring), but a lot of it is about your skill and care. I make it to be about a 30%/60% ratio with about 10% being sheer, raw, luck.


What could possibly be more "manly" than knowing how to find/create yummy food wherever you happen to be, with what you have at hand?!

This one simple skill (and my joy in it) has gotten my bones jumped more times than I care admit to.

Word of caution: Cooking skilz in relationships are a High Magic, don't ever cook for a gal you aren't serious about!

Here's a little hint to start:
Fixerguys' One Pot Scrambled Eggs

Prep powdered eggs per package directions in your coffee cup. Cover and Set aside.

Finely chop some onion (1/4 or so to taste) and a clove of garlic. Brown these in a bit of oil until they caramelize (turn a nice brown with a few crispy bits and start to smell "nutty").  Add a bit of fresh ground pepper and a good pinch of basil.

Stir while adding eggs. Stirring constantly and scraping the bottom of the pan, cook until the eggs are just done (no longer runny) serve immediately with salt and pepper.

Rinse out the pan immediately, before you eat. (Those leftover bits of powdered eggs in the pan will turn to concrete before you've finished eating).

One melted gal coming up! Enjoy!!

I am a math graduate, male, but I am very much attracted to cooking. Will that make me appear effeminate?