Why do vegans feel the need to impose their ideology on everyone?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

I've talked to lots of vegans, vegetarians, Republicans, Democrats, theists, atheists, enviromentalists, human rights folks, and others over the course of 52 years on this ball of dirt.

The particular bent of the person's  belief isn't ever the problem. The problem is zealotry.

It's not, Not, NOT, "vegans" or "theists" or any other belief set that causes what you note, it is that a percentage of humans are so unsure of their beliefs and the reasons behind them that they ATTACK anyone who even appears to doubt "The" belief system.

It's called needing to create an army of agreement because you're living in fear and uncertainty, constantly terrified that you'll be recognised for a fraud.

Sane folk who are comfortable with their beliefs have no need or desire to create any army of agreement to support their beliefs.

Thus we should pity those zealots, and regard them with sympathy for the incredibly sad, self- tortured folks that they so obviously are.  We should also work really hard to keep them as far away from writing our laws as possible.

Why do vegans feel the need to impose their ideology on everyone?

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