Should people get over 9/11 by now?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Get over what?
The fact that over 3000 Citizens were murdered?

The fact that Congress either directly lied to us, or was radically and "conveniently" "misinformed" about what happened and how?…

The fact that this event was used to foist off the single largest wholesale gutting of Our Constitution ever comitted?…

The fact that this event was used, along with even MORE BLATANT LIES from "our" bribed and treasonous government, to drag Us into a B.S. undeclared war so that the multinational corporations which bribe "our" government could garner even greater profits?…

Or the fact that the Vice President profited indirectly from the 10 long years of the war which they drove us into. Halliburton "earned some $39 billion in profits on no bid contracts.
How terribly "convenient " that was for Mr Cheney!

So… what should we "just get over"?

The Fact that ALL the Constitutions protections of Our RIGHTS were forfeited by a bribed and treasonous Congress, or the Fact that We The People got stuck with paying the estimated $3.5 trillion of OUR national wealth so Multinationals could have more profits, or the Fact the Our government LIES TO US IN ORDER TO allow their BRIBERS TO STEAL OUR WEALTH FROM US?!!

Should people get over 9/11 by now?