Why does the GOP/Boehner keep on promising immigration reform next year when they are solely responsible for killing it every year?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Short answer: It serves the bribers of Our Congress to have a large "illegal" workforce comprised of ex felons and illegal aliens because that drives down the wages for the jobs which CAN'T be sent off shore. Wittness: In 1994 as an employee I was getting $20 per hour with benefits as an experienced equipment technician. This put me solidly in the middle class. Today, I would get the SAME $20 per hour with fewer, and much poorer, benefits… at a +40% reduction in spending power.

How was this done? Through flooding the job market with "over qualified" applicants using a combination of off shoring our jobs, a massive increase in "felony" incarceration for dubious "crimes" (like drug use or posession), and a huge influx of conveniently "ignored" illegal aliens (some 24 million over 10 years… that we know about…).  These last two classes of folks are operating out of desperation rather than from power (as it was in the 90's) and will take ANY job they can get at any wage which reduces what legal Employees can demand for a wage.  They've done the same thing to the software engineering labor market through the use and and use of the H1b visa system. This intentional dynamic is more visible here only because it's a single industry.


We've had an immigration "reform" about every 10 to 12 years now, for well over 40 years.  All the while, absolutely NOTHING has been done (intentionally) to stem the growing tide, except for the merest vague semblence of a "fix" in order to placate rightky outraged Citizens who see their wages  being intentionally eroded as a Congressional "favor" to bolster the corporate profits of congressional bribers.

Here's how our wages are being eroded, and our purchasing power is being gutted:

Off shoring jobs:
We've "lost" ("our" Congresscritters gave away) well over… hunh!
Well, it appears the everyone (including "our" bribed and treasonous Congresscritters) are "most carefully and studiously" not looking at the costs to the nation or her Citizens of their policies. I can find lots of piecemeal numbers but absolutely nothing which shows actual aggregated losses over the last 10 years.
How convenient is that…
I also note that economists seem to think that they may be under counting by fully 2/3 the number of lost white collar jobs (well over14 million between 2003 and 2008) because corporations are actively hiding the effects of off shoring.

I also gins it interesting that "our" government is "reporting" (very conveniently) thst "unemployment has dropped to below 6% who the REAL number is much closer to +12%.



Inflation. This is driven (controlled) by several factors including having a "national mint" which is effectively owned by, and controlled by a consortium of private banks.

Policies based upon Trickle Down (voodoo) "economics": These policies assert (falsely and blatantly) that Multinational Corporations and the very wealthy are somehow *mumble mumble wave hands vehemently in air* "job creators" and offer them un-linked tax discounts for the jobs they never create… so where does all that "extra" money, which the middle class pays extra taxes to cover, go?




And Here:

Which directly results in this:



With the following (entirely predictable) result:

Or to put it another way:


Now, how was "our" Congress bribed into this, and their repeated comission of (the passing of corporate fascist fiat laws so as to allow this to happen) "Insurrection or rebellion against the US Constitution" despite their Oaths to: "Protect the Constitution against ALL enemies…"?

Here's the Bribery writ large:


Here's where You can research the ongoing bribery of Your Congresscritters:




Not scared yet? Think this is "somehow" *mumble mumble wave hands vehemently in air* A okay because "that's just the way it is"?

Consider this:

And This:

Scared yet, Outraged yet?
Good, you damned well should be furious and terrified!

Why does the GOP/Boehner keep on promising immigration reform next year when they are solely responsible for killing it every year?