Aside from being against Barack Obama, what are the specific policies that define the Republican Party heading in to the 2014 elections?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Please understand that I am an equal opportunity basher of political parties, and that I despise Democratic Party Brass just as much as Republican Party Brass…for slightly reasons and methodologies.

Both major parties, while they use pretty sounding words, are almost exclusively corporate fascists in their actions. I should alo note:
I draw a hard line between the Party Brass and their respective rank and file members because I find that the rank and file members of both parties (across Party lines) have far more in common with each other than they each have with their respective Party Brass.

Here's their official statement of purpose:…

Like ALL political statements it is crafted to sound really nice to most voters, and to distract Citizens from noticing what "their" politicians actually do once in office.

I find it much more useful as a Voter, Citizen, and Veteran to look at their Actions (votes for and against)  while asking myself "Cui Bono?" (Who benefits or Who profits from this).

So, here's the reality of their driving policies of late (and by "of late" I mean the past 40 years).

Deny the opportunity to vote to anyone who might vote against them by:

  • Shortening polling periods and ending "early voting" immediately before, or during an election.……

  • Increasing gerrymandering.…"Losing" voter registration forms of competing parties.

  • "Conveniently" changing the law just before elections to require I.D. cards of voters. (To "combat voter fraud" which is actually a lot less likely than an individual getting hit by lighting… unless that individual happens to be a polling official)…

  • Reducing the number and accessibility, or changing location of polling stations.

  • Having one of their major supporters (A.L.E.C.) give out wrong information as to voter registrstion dates and places to Citizens and their cats.…

  • Shifting to all-electronic voting machines with no paper trail, and no receipt to the Citizen voting.

Here's some high level testimony on the problem:
Why is this last one not viral? Why were there NEVER any criminal charges brought as a result of this testimony?!!

Now… I give the Democrats a pass on most of these because, except for the gerrymandering and electronic voting machines, they don't use these particular "tactics" (read felonies and "rebellion or insurrection against the US Constitution"… Section 3 of the 14th Amend.)  I've addressed Democratic Party Brass tactics in other posts, and am not doing so here because that would be completely off topic.

Final note: This will probably get down voted into oblivion because most folks don't want truth, they want convenient, handy little Lies which tend to support and promote their chosen world view… regardless of the Facts.

Aside from being against Barack Obama, what are the specific policies that define the Republican Party heading in to the 2014 elections?