Did Eric Holder make any decisions that degraded Americans’ civil liberties?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Refused to prosecute the banksters who intentionally wrecked our entire economy by asserting that they were "too big to fail."  This is especially egregious when you consider that:

A) Several Scandinavian nations did prosecute or threaten to, and have had no further problems since while we STILL (7 years later) have this level of complete and utter corporate fascism happening today:



B) We have tested, purpose written, law in place to prosecute the folks who intentionally CAUSED this mess in the form of RICO,the Sherman Act, and the Clayton Act.

Oh… you claim it wasn't "intentional"?
Really? Then explain why several banks "settled" charges of fraud, immediately after several ratings agencies did. (Hint: It's because prosecution and conviction under RICO… which is what Citizens are and have been demanding… would have put the CEOS and Board members in prison and stripped them of All Profits!)

Did Eric Holder make any decisions that degraded Americans' civil liberties?