Why won’t Democrats agree to limit the spending of the USA?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Because the "problem" isn't spending… at all.

The (congressionally created out of whole cloth) problem is this:

Which is caused by this:

Which led "our" Congresscritters to (oh sooo conveniently) declaring (in most carefully hidden law) to be "legal."

Take a careful look at the chart about 1/3 of the way in… compare those names to the names on the Open Secrets list….

See the pattern? I do!

Oh… and I find it INCREDIBLY "interesting" that absolutely no one amongst the Democratic Party Brass will even mention these Facts when the "need" to cut spending is asserted.

Now… let's put all this heat and noise into perspective:

​As I've said so often and so clearly, what the USA has isn't a spending problem, it's a collections problem that was created in whole by "Our" Congresscritters paying back "owed" favors for the bribery they accepted from multinational corporations.

Here's a little different look at the direct and entirely predictable results of the Regan, Bush, and Shrub tax cuts and bought from Congress tax "loopholes."

Here's the direct result of these "loopholes."


And here's one of the folks running the game… (remember those little things called the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Act? They're now deaden than a week old road kill skunk)


Ready?  Sit down and brace yourself!

Now do you see it?

Why won't Democrats agree to limit the spending of the USA?