Why do I keep hearing that the US is in shambles and won’t get better in the future?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Because it is, and its intentional. Annoying, at best.
The USA is not "broke" or anywhere near it, and never has been.

The real "problem"?

Multinational corporations have been using purchased (by bribing Our Congresscritters) "loopholes" in tax laws since about 1980 to play an international game of Three Card Monte with their profits which were earned here.

Here's the direct and proximate result of that purchased, intentional, fraud upon American Citizens:

The Government knows about it, Congress knows about it, and the Infernal Revenue "Service" knows about it because they all helped to set it up!




Kris Rosvold's answer to Why does the US government and Congress allow tax inversion for corporations?

We are not, and never have been, "broke," as a Nation.  We ARE being robbed with the full participation and collusion of "our" Congresscritters.

Why do I keep hearing that the US is in shambles and won't get better in the future?