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Why are many Americans so opposed to government-provided health care?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Q1) Most Citizens are opposed to a National Healthcare Plan because in the run up and after they were fed a steady diet of horror stories and outright lies by "our" corporate owned "news" media.  They believed these lies because, historically the media's function in our society was to investigate and call out government chicanery.   That role ENDED in the 1990s with a massive round of corporate purchases of media outlets.

This was so extreme that between 1988 and today we went from some +450 different companies owning 80% of our media to just 8 (yes, eight) owning +85% of the media outlets.

And you ask:
"But what about the individual reporters, surely they kept their commitment to integrity?  You can't just silence all those individuals can you?"

Yup, you can!  Let's suppose that a reporter gets a hot tip that GE is lobbying Our Congress to Go To War so they can sell more bombs.
She investigates and writes a potential Pulitizer Prize winning expose', and takes it to her editor.  Her editor reads it and says "You DO REALISE that GE owns the company which owns us?  Would you like a paycheck next week? I would! And he pitches the story on the round file.

You might reasonably think that decent healthcare is something which should be available to ALL Citizens (without fear do bankruptcy) IF the US were still a democratic republic.  It's not.
We've been living in what is either a kleptocracy or plutocracy (or a meld of the two) for well over 45 years now… we just didn't realize it because, until 20 years ago We The People had no way to effectively track the bribery of Our Congress vs. The "favors" being handed out by congress as "payback" for that bribery.

The PPACA (aka: Romney care gutted) is a prime example of those "favors". 

Instead of laying all the cards on the table and having a reasoned National Discussion about what We The People thought was appropriate and doable, here's what actually happened:

A committee of government officials, health industry executives, and insurance executives was formed (note carefully that NOT ONE single independent Citizen's representative was included, and when +200,000 Citizens rose up and demanded that Our interests be represented ^no one^ was appointed to guard Our interests).

This Committee "negotiated" and installed a mandate for private Citizens to purchase health insurance while gutting out the Public Option without Us even getting in a word edgewise.  When Citizens protested this crap, platitudes and assurances were handed out all around and the "deal" was presented to Us as a "done" deal (meaning that both the bribers and the bribed were happy with it… logic and the good of the Citizens be damned!).

Then We saw nearly 4 years of double digit rate increases Y.O.Y. until the law started to take effect.

Once the Insurers realized that their real profits would be limited to Cost of Care +20%, we also saw +45 Republican party (should be Plutocracy Party … and carefully distinguished from Rank and File republicans) attempts to either gut or repeal ANY provisions which might be actually good for Citizens (at an estimated cost WASTE of nearly  $70 billion).

So, in summary: The mandate to buy insurance was put in place AND the single part of the law which could have actually reduced per-capita health care costs was gutted out.

We the People… left twisting in the wind, Constitution and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment be damned!

Why are many Americans so opposed to government-provided health care?

What companies have really unique management philosophies?

Finally!! Common Sense!

Answer by Noam Kaiser:

Netflix has a very unique, effective and honest HR management policy,
tough to digest maybe, but hard to overlook:
How Netflix Reinvented HR

What companies have really unique management philosophies?

What can politicians do to dispel the perception of corruption?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Asshole Man speaks:
The "perception" of bribery of Our Congress is based in historical Facts.  The only way to remove that "perception of corruption" is to reverse the facts and their effects upon our Citizens.

1) Quit taking bribes from corporations.
1a) Repudiate and remove any law or treaty which favors off shoring our jobs and wealth.

2) Quit returning "favors" to corporations in exchange for bribery.
2a) Repudiate and remove SOPA, PIPA, RIAA, NAFTA, etc. and all fiat law based upon them, from law.

3) Repudiate and remove the Patriot Act, and all fiat law based upon it.

4) ENFORCE Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, strictly. (Cut out the rot with a sharp knife)

5) DEMAND that the new US Attorney General fully and vigorously  prosecute (put out of business and imprison their leaders), using RICO, the Sherman Act and Clayton Act, ALL the big banks/ratings agencies/investment banks who wrecked, and continue to wreck, our economy using derivatives and reverse derivatives.
5a) Use the recovered funds to make the individual Citizens Whole… including the SSI Trust Fund.

6) END "rocket docket" foreclosures.

7) Take over ALL property which We the People paid for under the Freddie and Fannie loan insurance programs.

8) END the international corporate game of Three Card Monte with their profits so as to evade all taxation.

9) Remove laws which bar Citizens from prosecuting unconstitutional fiat laws before application of that law. (Standing mandates)

10) Apply Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to any law they write or vote for.  If it disputes or disagrees with (rebellion agsinst) the Constitution require that it either be amended to agree or that it go through the Full Constitutional Amendment Process.

Basically. .. get honest and limit Laws to those which COMPLY with the Constitution you each swore to protect!
Good luck!

Short of Million of Citizens showing up in D.C. at the same time, with tar and feathers in hand, this won't happen.

What can politicians do to dispel the perception of corruption?

How should a town clerk reconcile her moral objections to gay marriage with her official duty to sign and issue same-sex marriage licenses?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

She has a job which she is paid to do.
Here's the Job: Accept notice on behalf of the State, and make a note in the official records, that a couple is getting married and that they are legally entitled to do so.

 There is no ethical "dilemma".

If she insists that there is one (such as I would have working for ALEC) she can either do the Job in exchange for her salary, or find a different job which doesn't offend her morals.

She (under the First Amendment) doesn't get to try to enforce her morals through her government job.

As with so many zealots she seems to conveniently "forget" that while the protections of the First Amendment don't limit her beliefs ^in her private life^ they DO limit ^her application of her beliefs to her Job as a member of the government.^

Her refusal to sign could easily be seen as a defacto attempt at creation of law enforcing her religious beliefs upon others.

How should a town clerk reconcile her moral objections to gay marriage with her official duty to sign and issue same-sex marriage licenses?

Why do Republicans say corporate taxes are high relative to other countries, especially since corporate profits and the wealth gap in Ame…

Let's expose the REAL game of Three Card Monte in corporate taxation.

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Because its a "conveniently" plausible sounding lie which can be used to assert that the corporate tax rate should be lowered.

Here's the lie part: Every person who is talking about "Corporate taxes being too high" is talking about the Statutory Tax Rate of 35%.  This fraudulent "tax rate" has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of taxes multinational corporations actually pay unless their accountants and tax attorneys are criminally incompetent.

Here's the REALITY of corporate taxes for multinational corporations:………

Here's part of how they do it……

Here's how they got those "tax loopholes" rammed into law……

Are things starting to become a bit clearer?
Now go look up who voted to keep these fiat laws in place at  and help me fire them ALL!

Now, here's a bit which came up as a result of discussion…

Upon review, I'm adding this to my original Answer:

The problem with the current bought and paid for corporate tax "system" is that most multinational companies (and a growing number of national companies) collect enough  to pay them from customers, and then sequester ("hide") that money off shore in an international game of Three Card Monte. … So the Citizens get nailed with a triple whammy, without even knowing it.

1) Corporations collect tax from Citizens as part of planned revenue.

2) Corporations sequester money off shore (doesn't remit collected taxes)

3) Governments increase taxes on Citizens to get the revenue needed to operate…including the amount "missing" due to the unpaid tax bill of the corporation.

4) Citizens "get to" pay twice (or three times) over to maintain Their infrastructure, even though they didn't get to profit from the use of it.

I realized that this is the game being played with Citizens, Federal taxes, and multinational corporations in 2011 when I experienced a variant of that same rigged game as the result of an employer (Rob – n – son Commercial Appliance) deducting $11,000 in what were ostensibly "payroll taxes" from my checks over the year and then spending them instead of remitting them.

When I filed my taxes Oregon, and the Feds, attempted to bill me a second time for the money I had already paid through payroll deduction.

In this case I was able to drag them into tax court and get clear of that; but how many without my legal knowelege and Asshole Man attitude would/do just "shut up and pay it" as the State and Feds seemed to want me to do?

In the world of Federal taxes and multinational corporations (Who are sucessfully running a variant of this EXACT same game on a National and International level) there is (intentionally) NO court available for the Citizens to turn to!

This. Is. Why. Our individual Federal, State, and Local taxes are rising so fast…. multinational corporations are not remitting the taxes they've already collected from Us, and haven't been remitting them since at least 1990. 

So, We The People "get to pay" our part twice. So yeah multinational corporations use Our infrastructure to generate Their profits (plus an extra, hidden from Citizens, 35% in collected and unremitted taxes).

Do you see the game now… do you see the REAL (Cui F'ing Bono… aka: follow the money) motives behind the B.S. assertion that there should be no corporate taxes?

Are you mad YET?

F#$&ing. Fire. Them. ALL! 
With extreme prejudice.

Why do Republicans say corporate taxes are high relative to other countries, especially since corporate profits and the wealth gap in Ame…

If US politicians wore uniforms like NASCAR drivers (ie – showing who had sponsored them) what would be the brands with the most visible …

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

The logos of these companies:…

Between these two groups We The People don't even have a chance at getting represented.

Here's another "fun bit"…

10 companies which control almost everything you buy… um… FTC? WTF?!  Isn't there something in your Charter about PREVENTING MONOPOLIES?

SCARED YET? No? Ok… here:

Take a look for the companies in the charts above in this link.

Now do you understand the REAL "reasons" for our unions being killed by government and our jobs being shipped overseas?

They ain't working for You, no matter HOW much you need to believe that they are.

Cui Bono Congress?!

If US politicians wore uniforms like NASCAR drivers (ie – showing who had sponsored them) what would be the brands with the most visible …