Why do some people who want to end the war on drugs think a prohibition of firearms would work?

The inconvenient Truth about prohibition and human nature.

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Those who would ban guns in the US, and loudly assert that "It would work to curb gun violence" are suffering from a particularly  pernicious version of Magical Thinking which is a close kin to religious zealotry.  This is inspired and encouraged by our so called news media which celebrates every time an atrocity occurs and completely ignores the "news" when crimes are stopped by an armed Citizen.  It's also encouraged by "our" politicians as one more way to keep Citizens so occupied scrapping amongst ourselves that we don't notice "our" Congresscritters are, in point of fact, working consistently against Us, Our Rights, and the interests of the Nation.

Here's the Facts on prohibition of any sort (which we only need to look at the history of the 18th Amendment to verify).

People always have been and WILL always CONTINUE TO get "stoned" because we are biologically, physically, and emotionally, hard-wired to use and need stress relief mechanisms. In Fact most animals are wired that same way.


Here's some of the ways we get "stoned" (activate the body's natural endorphins )…

Pathological Thrill seeking.
Generally legal.

Pathological exercise.  (Sorry, but if you've worn out a knee or ankle running or an elbow playing tennis, and you continue to do that it IS medically pathological… that is, not good for the organism being treated).
Both of these are legal btw.


The classic… SEX (Ghasp!! Shudder!)
Generally legal, so long as the exchange isn't based upon cash.  In other words, it's perfectly acceptable "legally" for me to take a gal to a $300 evening out, but it's illegal for me to just hand her $300. This seems… utterly idiotic and pedantic (and…* blisters paint at 20 paces *) to me.

Especially Illicit sex, eg. Sex between teenagers. (Saints Preserve!)

Prohibited unless "legally" prescribed.
(Wealth has its priveleges… Here's looking at YOU, Mr. Limbaugh, and Mr. Jackson!)

Generally legal, except in supposedly dry counties.

Abuse of others (thrill seeking)
Legal with mutual consent.

Abuse by others (thrill seeking)
Legal with mutual consent.

Abuse by self.
Generally legal, so long as it doesn't kill you.

Food, esp. very spicy or savory food.

The simple Fact is that you can use prohibition to (sometimes) shift these behaviors to more socially "acceptable" ways of getting stoned, but you will NEVER eliminate it because it's hard wired into us by biology.

Let's take a close look at the "success rates" for various forms of prohibition:

Illicit or Teen Sex: nope Fail.
The States with the most stringent laws against it, contraception, and education, also have the highest rates of teen pregnancy. This proves that teens ARE having sex (ghasp!) regardless of the prohibition.
Further, EVERY SINGLE city (world wide) I've ever been in over my 52 years has a "red light" district.



Drugs: nope. Abject Massive FAIL!
When the vaunted "War on Drugs" started up again in the 1970s, I distinctly recollect Ms. Nancy crowing on the radio about "We need to DO SOMETHING" because some "29% of teens admitted to having tried illegal drugs (ghasp! Shudder!)"  Today, that number is closer to 40%, after hundreds of billions of our national wealth having been intentionally wasted in direct costs, and tens of trillions being wasted directly and indirectly by Imprisoning folks whose sole "crime" "harmed" no one but themselves… but for the artificial prohibition.

Here's the Truth: The war on drugs exists to enhance the profits of multinational corporations, and to control of Citizens who might potentially challenge the existing power structure.



Abuse of others: again a massive Fail.

The 18th Amendment and "dry" counties: Fail.
Do I really have to go there? Do you have any idea how many homes have huge stocks of booze (a case or better) that are located in supposedly dry counties?  I do. It's roughly 2/3.



Per capita consumption:
Note that alcohol prohibition started in 1920 and was given up as a bad policy in 1933. Yet we see a sharp drop in consumption in 1921, and a huge rise to greater than pre-prohibition levels immediately after (the following 2 years). 
Yet folks still think that prohibition might "work this time"!  Isn't that just terribly cute?!

The simple Fact is that prohibition never has, does not, and never will, offer us any valid, workable, effective, solutions to a societal problem which is  "caused" by biology and human nature. People WILL find a way to get stoned.

Here's another part of why this is: Folks NEED, both psychologically, physically, and emotionally, an easy, usable way to temporarily set aside the stresses and worries of life…they need to be able to temporarily escape those problems for their very sanity.
That "escape" or temporary setting aside also gives us the emotional distance to be better able to look at those problems neutrally without judgement, and come to good (or better) solutions.

It's called a coping mechanism, and we ALL use it to one degree or another.

Why do some people who want to end the war on drugs think a prohibition of firearms would work?