Why are many Americans so opposed to government-provided health care?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Q1) Most Citizens are opposed to a National Healthcare Plan because in the run up and after they were fed a steady diet of horror stories and outright lies by "our" corporate owned "news" media.  They believed these lies because, historically the media's function in our society was to investigate and call out government chicanery.   That role ENDED in the 1990s with a massive round of corporate purchases of media outlets.

This was so extreme that between 1988 and today we went from some +450 different companies owning 80% of our media to just 8 (yes, eight) owning +85% of the media outlets.

And you ask:
"But what about the individual reporters, surely they kept their commitment to integrity?  You can't just silence all those individuals can you?"

Yup, you can!  Let's suppose that a reporter gets a hot tip that GE is lobbying Our Congress to Go To War so they can sell more bombs.
She investigates and writes a potential Pulitizer Prize winning expose', and takes it to her editor.  Her editor reads it and says "You DO REALISE that GE owns the company which owns us?  Would you like a paycheck next week? I would! And he pitches the story on the round file.

You might reasonably think that decent healthcare is something which should be available to ALL Citizens (without fear do bankruptcy) IF the US were still a democratic republic.  It's not.
We've been living in what is either a kleptocracy or plutocracy (or a meld of the two) for well over 45 years now… we just didn't realize it because, until 20 years ago We The People had no way to effectively track the bribery of Our Congress vs. The "favors" being handed out by congress as "payback" for that bribery.

The PPACA (aka: Romney care gutted) is a prime example of those "favors". 

Instead of laying all the cards on the table and having a reasoned National Discussion about what We The People thought was appropriate and doable, here's what actually happened:

A committee of government officials, health industry executives, and insurance executives was formed (note carefully that NOT ONE single independent Citizen's representative was included, and when +200,000 Citizens rose up and demanded that Our interests be represented ^no one^ was appointed to guard Our interests).

This Committee "negotiated" and installed a mandate for private Citizens to purchase health insurance while gutting out the Public Option without Us even getting in a word edgewise.  When Citizens protested this crap, platitudes and assurances were handed out all around and the "deal" was presented to Us as a "done" deal (meaning that both the bribers and the bribed were happy with it… logic and the good of the Citizens be damned!).

Then We saw nearly 4 years of double digit rate increases Y.O.Y. until the law started to take effect.

Once the Insurers realized that their real profits would be limited to Cost of Care +20%, we also saw +45 Republican party (should be Plutocracy Party … and carefully distinguished from Rank and File republicans) attempts to either gut or repeal ANY provisions which might be actually good for Citizens (at an estimated cost WASTE of nearly  $70 billion).

So, in summary: The mandate to buy insurance was put in place AND the single part of the law which could have actually reduced per-capita health care costs was gutted out.

We the People… left twisting in the wind, Constitution and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment be damned!

Why are many Americans so opposed to government-provided health care?