What can politicians do to dispel the perception of corruption?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Asshole Man speaks:
The "perception" of bribery of Our Congress is based in historical Facts.  The only way to remove that "perception of corruption" is to reverse the facts and their effects upon our Citizens.

1) Quit taking bribes from corporations.
1a) Repudiate and remove any law or treaty which favors off shoring our jobs and wealth.

2) Quit returning "favors" to corporations in exchange for bribery.
2a) Repudiate and remove SOPA, PIPA, RIAA, NAFTA, etc. and all fiat law based upon them, from law.

3) Repudiate and remove the Patriot Act, and all fiat law based upon it.

4) ENFORCE Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, strictly. (Cut out the rot with a sharp knife)

5) DEMAND that the new US Attorney General fully and vigorously  prosecute (put out of business and imprison their leaders), using RICO, the Sherman Act and Clayton Act, ALL the big banks/ratings agencies/investment banks who wrecked, and continue to wreck, our economy using derivatives and reverse derivatives.
5a) Use the recovered funds to make the individual Citizens Whole… including the SSI Trust Fund.

6) END "rocket docket" foreclosures.

7) Take over ALL property which We the People paid for under the Freddie and Fannie loan insurance programs.

8) END the international corporate game of Three Card Monte with their profits so as to evade all taxation.

9) Remove laws which bar Citizens from prosecuting unconstitutional fiat laws before application of that law. (Standing mandates)

10) Apply Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to any law they write or vote for.  If it disputes or disagrees with (rebellion agsinst) the Constitution require that it either be amended to agree or that it go through the Full Constitutional Amendment Process.

Basically. .. get honest and limit Laws to those which COMPLY with the Constitution you each swore to protect!
Good luck!

Short of Million of Citizens showing up in D.C. at the same time, with tar and feathers in hand, this won't happen.

What can politicians do to dispel the perception of corruption?