Why do some white people assume they are smarter than minorities and don’t think minorities can think for themselves?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Even though I'm white, I've run into a very similar dynamic in business.
Despite the fact that I'm truly exceptional at "noticing" patterns, am VERY well educated, have a +40 k word vocabulary, translste highly technical concepts well, and am really good at spotting both patterns and variances from patterns in all sorts of situations (behavioral, technical, finsncial, interpersonal etc.)  I dont "dress the part" of an "expert."

So when I get to the job site, I'm dressed to get messy, then the customer starts asking for explanations of what went wrong and how I'm going to fix it.  When I start giving them the engineering reason in plain English they're often shocked because my attire doesn't match my precise use of language.

Here's why:
For MANY Americans (especially those who have never traveled outside of the town they were born in and live in away from major ports of entry…

Different = Scary

It's not their fault, as much as it is a simple lack of exposure to new, different ideas and people.  These folks, as surprise as they may be, can and often do learn to question the beliefs they hold which they've never had cause to think about.

There are also those who choose to be ignorant of new ideas and people.  This type is much more frightening.  If you push them too had they will either run away or attack.
They cling desperately to proven false beliefs, and are unwilling to even consider different possibilities.

These folks often manifest as trolls, and as zealots in one form or another.  This zealots can run the gamut from ultra PC veganism, to ultra conservative W.B.C. member, and everything in between.

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Why do some white people assume they are smarter than minorities and don't think minorities can think for themselves?