If you could pass a law, what law would it be?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

ANY "campaign donation",by ANY individual or corporation which, in aggregate, exceeds the total allowed individual donation of $2500.00 in aggregate; is by definition, Felony Bribery (subject to a 5 year prison term and impeachment from office.  Those convicted will be BARRED FOR LIFE from serving in ANY elected or appointed position) of an elected official for BOTH the donating party AND the elected official.

Charges of violations of the section may be brought by any individual citizen, but not by any corporation, by reporting the violation and providing an affidavit or evidence to any State Attorney General.

The Attorney General is MANDATED to investigate and prosecute such violations.

False allegations for political purposes are also a felony (1 year).

Violators will be charged under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment for writing laws which violate either the Spirit or Letter of the Constitution, or they (if corporate bribery is involved) will be charged under RICO, or both.

If you could pass a law, what law would it be?