Why do we kill animals, roast them, hang them up for display, eat them and still call ourselves people of humanitarian age?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Let's see…
where to start?
Ok, "Question" contains false conflations, assumptions, proselytizing language, etc…

Answering in kind, with tongue firmly placed in cheek…

As a lifetime member of
People Eating Tasty Animals I think the name of the group is pretty self explanatory.

Now, that said, there are Very Serious Problems with our entire industrialized "food" production system which desperately need to be addressed. These production problems are conveniently, intentionally, and oh so quietly, ignored by our supposed "regulators" so that the multinational corporations which bribe out Congresscritters can continue to profit with zero regard for the health of Citizens or any semblence of humane treatment of our food animals. These bribed legislators also commit "rebellion or insurrection against the US Constitution" (see Section 3 of the 14th Amendment… and diagram it out) by passing fiat Agricultural Gag Laws which criminalize the act of investigating, documenting, or reporting on the myriad problems in that food production system known as Combined Animal Feeding Operations.
Here's just a few of the problems which We The People are directly prohibited from addressing in any meaningful way by these fiat (anti-constitutional) "laws":

1) Massive overuse of antibiotics for non-therapeutic reasons (no disease exists) because it's cheaper for the producer than identifying and isolating sick animals.
This practice makes those antibiotics USELESS for curing human disease. In fact (and everyone most carefully does NOT talk about this) Multiple Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus  (MRSA) is believed to have originated on pig farms because of this practice.

2) The intentional abuse of food animals by workers, including "transport" of living downer animals by bulldozer to the slaughter. 

3) "Feeding" animals things they were never designed to eat… like diets almost exclusively made of GMO corn and soy to cows which are designed to eat … GRASS and living plants. 
This practice creates problems so extreme that animal food "scientists" put external view ports onto the stomachs of cows as a  diagnostic "tool." … Talk about tools…!
Yes, is even worse than it sounds, if you want a link Google it, I don't ever need to see that again. If you look it up please make sure that you have not eaten recently.

3) The practice of "processing" animals which are NOT DEAD, but are only stunned. (This is another one you can Google yourself).

4) The practice of banning "non-conventional" producers and sellers so that We the People have no option but to either grow it ourselves or tolerate the existing… completely and intentionally broken… system (because, of course, it's a CRIME to document,  investigate, or report on any of these problems… as Oprah did in the 1990's).

Be aware folks, "your" State and Federal legislators are not "working for you" in any sense of the phrase especially if you live in a farm atate.  They are working to protect the corporate profits of those who bribe them.

Doubt me? Cool! Go to VoteSmart.org the next time someone writes a bill which protects a producer (like the Animal and Ecological "Terrorism" Act write by A.L.E.C.) ask you self, and "your" bribed and treasonous legislators, "Cui Bono?!

I'll give you one little hint: It's not, Not, NOT, the Nation, the Citizens or the Constitution which those legislators swore to protect!

Coming SOON to a State near you:


And, after all that you STILL think "your" legislators are actually working for You?!
Isn't that cute!!?

Now, kiddies, here's the REALLY FUN part…
Do you know about that little old (B.S.) SC(R)OTUS idea of needing to have "Standing" before you can sue to stop an anti-constitutional fiat law?

Yea, that one.  Here's what it means: You must Prove that you have been harmed BEFORE you can challenge a fiat law.  So to you and I who don't have endless wealth it means that we CAN NOT SUE to stop a fiat (un-constitutional) law until AFTER they've already taken all of the money we (in defending charges) have and imprisoned us. This means that unless you're a Constitutional Attorney registered to practice in front of the SC(R)OTUS  (another intentional and "convenient" bar) you CAN'T SUE because you're broke and in prison.
Isn't THAT just "handy" for the oligarchs and kleptocrats?!

The game which affects every last one of Us truly is completely, and intentionally, rigged against Us nine ways from Sunday.

If you're not outraged, you are not paying attention!

Why do we kill animals, roast them, hang them up for display, eat them and still call ourselves people of humanitarian age?