Does the Republican Party hold any anti-equality, anti-progress, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-womens’ rights, anti-health care, p…

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Let's take them one at a time… Note that I speak of the Party Brass which is generally IMO much less thoughtful than their constituents.

Anti Equality:
Massive support for DOMA
Massive support for policy based upon trickle down (voodoo) "economics".
Massive support for cutting SSI and Medicare
Massive support for tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, while INCREASING payroll taxes.

Anti Progress:
Massive support for climate change denialiats.
Massive Support for limiting educational effectiveness.
Massive support for "Common Core" testing (a thinly disguised shill for inserting corporatist beliefs into the schooling of our kids)

Anti Science:
Listen for just 5 min. to any one of their "superstars" .. Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, etc. These folks wouldn't be able to identify a scientific Theory, or a medical Fact if one were to bite them in the ass! (As has already happened a number of times in recent memory)… yet the Party NEVER calls them out (as most any intelligent person would).

Anti Environment:
Not so much, it's more just PRO corporate profit, no matter the costs to the Nation, Her Constitution. And Her Citizens.
Actively worked to stifle any changeover from established dirty industries to newer cleaner ones… especially true in the Power, Coal, LNG, and Oil Industries.

Actively supporting continued restrictions on growing marijuana and hemp, which provides better cloth, paper, rope, drugs, and cooking oils than the established industries; all in a renewable resource… which grows like the weed it is.

Anti Health Care:
Actively gutted (with the help of Democrats) the Public Option from PPACA (aka: Romneycare) before Citizens even got a chance to look at it, much less talk about it.

Actively working to gut and limit Medicare.

Actively passed a Medicare "Reform" Law which specifically prohibits Medicare from negotiating drug costs or durable equipment costs with manufacturers…. we, literally, are the ONLY NATION to have a law which $ay$ we must pay List Price!! How $toopid (and blatant) is THAT??!

Pro Greed/Selfishness:
Actively support lowering what is already in the bottom 1/4 of tax rates on corporations. (Note: Im talking REAL Effective (paid) tax rates not the politically "convenient" UTTER BS obfuscation of the marginal rate)

Actively support lowering income taxes on the wealthy, while poor folks "get to choose" between starving or freezing.

Actively support cutting education subsidies to States.

Actively support eliminating estate taxes on the wealthy while increasing them on the middle class.

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Just ask yourself one little Question:

Que Bono?!

Does the Republican Party hold any anti-equality, anti-progress, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-womens' rights, anti-health care, p…