A growing number of primary care doctors are burning out. How does this affect patients and how should the industry be reforming to try t…

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Here's how we can end doctor burnout in primary care doctors, nurses, and patients:

1) Put Doctors BACK IN CHARGE of the care of their patients.
1a) Fee for service is fine so long as patients are able to assess what their out of pocket costs are. Under the current system with insurance acting as "gatekeepers" that's nearly impossible.
1b) The current she'll game of medical costs is akin to shopping and asking the store; "How much is this going to cost me?" and being told by both the store and the third party billing agent; "We can't tell you, you'll find out the costs when we send you the bill… 3 months from now." It is an utterly assinine, and nonsensical, intentional game of Three Card Monte which appears to be specifically designed to obfuscate actual costs so that the patient can't compare pricing until after it's too damned late.

2) Force insurance companies back to the role of actual Insurance (spreading the risk of catastrophic expenses amongst a pool of insured… only) and out of the role of gatekeepers.

3) Eliminate ALL Certificate of Need laws, if a hospital (or an insurer) can't compete on a level playing field…

4) Put the Sherman and Clayton Acts BACK in force for ALL corporations. (This means NO MORE corporate ownership of other corporations' stocks… which means NO MORE international corporate Three Card Monte with profits.

5) Institute a National Public Option to cover ALL citizens (including the wealthy) which provides ALL basic medical and preventative care including vision and dental.
The wealthy still pay in at the same ^percentage of gross income^ as everyone else, and (as in England or Canada) if they feel "entitled" to special care or private rooms they, or their add on insurance, can pay those extra costs.

6) DIRECT Medicare and Medicaid to specifically  negotiate ALL drug and durable medical equipment costs using Canadian or British Health Service costs as a guideline.

Will this ever actually happen short of a few million Citizens showing up in DC with tar and feathers? No.

Here's why it won't be permitted to happen:


Look at all the insurance companies and medical care providers in the top 200…

SO… Cui Bono Congress? Who are you REALLY working for?!  Looking at your Actions over the past 40 years, it's certainly NOT the Citizens, Nation, or the  Constitution which you each swore to work for, and protect!

Dear Congress: Read Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, then consider your joint and several oaths of Office in that harsh light. (If you're a little slow about Constitutional Law, you might want to have a staffer diagram out the sentence for you.)

A growing number of primary care doctors are burning out. How does this affect patients and how should the industry be reforming to try t…