What’s the worst tasting thing you have ever actually eaten?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

The worst food I've actually eaten… Ok this requires a little background.

Note: As with everything else, I have very eclectic tastes in food.  I eaten snd enjoyed many "odd" foods including:
All sorts of game stews.
Most versions of what mom called "Garbage Soup"… more politely refered to as "Refrigerator Soup"
Most types of national cusine… especially the "peasant" foods.
A Korean hot pot soup of beef and octopus. Along with almost any Japanese, or Thai food, including seitan, and Thousand Year Eggs (as with Limburgher cheese, once you get past the smell they're wonderfull!).

Ama Ebbi sushi (including the fried shrimp head)

Several types of organ meats, particularly a good steak and kidney pie, or thin sliced fried liver with LOTS of onions, and even that most reviled food: haggis.

Many "odd " regional dishes like Rocky Mountain Oysters, sweetbreads, and Scrapple.

I adore most pickles, including a particular type of pickled octopus in Bunkyoku Japan that mom likened to chewing on seasoned bicycle inner tube, and the dried shredded squid which she likened to chewing on dried bait.

Various fried, or toasted, bugs.

Veggies of any sort, especially Brussels sprouts.

My NOT "foods" are relatively few:

Tripe.  I've tried it six times now, and have given it up as a lost csuse.
I am one of those folks who is EXTREMELY sensitive to off flavors like vomit.  I think this works in much the same way that some folks perceive cilantro as tasting like soap.

Lima Beans. Tried both fresh and boiled to death…
Not the flavor so much as the texture. I think this is a childhood thing.

Opossum or Raccoon anything…
it's just a greasy, nasty mess, and it tastes vaguely of a garbage can.

Most fast "food."
It tastes vaguely of diesel fuel and a bad bitterness, to me from the rancid fry oil, colorants, preservatives, and "flavorings" used. This became noticeable to me in the late 1980s, and in the 1990s got so bad that I quit eating the stuff almost entirely. Considering that even cockroaches refuse to eat much of it, I think I'm in good company here. The interesting thing here is that prior to the mass corporatization of this stuff, I used to enjoy it.

Anything moving of its own volition.
sorry.. just… no. That's what belt knives are for.

Yes I'm of Norwegian extraction, that particular gene just didn't survive mitosis. 

Fugu isn't on this list because I've never tried it and never shall. I just have a problem with the idea of a "food" which is SO toxic that it might kill you if the chef makes one wrong cut.

What's the worst tasting thing you have ever actually eaten?