Has Obama spent more time on vacation than any other US president?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

As Sean, and Gary, have said Obama actually has taken less than 1/4 the number of the vacation days taken by Bush Junior.

Now, I'm no fan of either of president, but I don't see a valid issue here.


IF you want to get mad about vacation time taken by those feeding at the Public Trough, might I suggest that it might serve you to take a long hard look at "your" Congresscritters!

Last year they "worked" some 134 days, WITH full benefits of such generosity that no Citizen realistically even hopes to have; at an annual income which puts them solidly in the top 5% of earners. (The average citizen works some 180 to 240 days)

Average Citizens have a 40 hour workweek, which has been reduced (without pay, unlike Congress) to 30 hours or less.

But WAIT!  It gets even better… Congress has given themselves a real, live 2 for 1 offer, depending upon how you figure it, it might be a 4 for 1 offer (Neither I nor anyone I know approved it!)!!

See, they don't even work for Us as much as they claim to because they spend 4 to 6 hours out of "our" (were paying for it after all) 8 hour day … dialing for dollars at the demand of their parties (which Party fundraising efforts are not, Not, NOT, a legitimate "function of government" in any way, shape or form… yet we still "get to" pay them… very well… for that time).

How would you like to have a "job" where you get to NOT do the work, write your own benefit package, give yourself a raise (REGARDLESS of the economy, how well the company is doing, or how well you "do" your job), and get paid full time wages and benefits for working far less than 1/2 time??!  How would your boss react to those terms?
I suggest that the SAME reaction that your boss would have is entirely appropriate here!

So… in short, we're paying them a full time wage, with truly stellar benefits, to work "for us" on "our business" 1/2, or less, the number of hours the average wage earner works… at more than quadruple the pay.  Essentially they're getting $170k a year for working (if you can call it that) less than 540 hours per year at the Job we pay them full time wages, and VERY WELL to do.

THIS while the average Citizen works 1920 to 1440 hours a year at their jobs for FAR less than 1/4 the pay and benefits!

Here's the kicker card… all of the above directly creates this:


Better yet: Of the 10 richest members of "our" Congress, 100% voted to extend the Shrub tax cuts for the wealthy (at OUR direct expense… ever wonder why our States are "soooo broke" that OUR State and local taxes keep going up while we get fewer and fewer services? I do.)
OK, NOW you can get mad!

In fact, if you're not outraged, you are not paying attention!

Has Obama spent more time on vacation than any other US president?