What are popular apocalyptic visions of humanity’s future enslavement?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Humanity is already being enslaved.
Moderm slavery hroughout the world:

Of these slaves some 60,000 (that are acknowledged) were in the US as of 2013



There is however another looming threat of turning the middle class into working poor by use of income inequality… welcome to the new serfdom where you "get to" work your entire life for someone else's profit and die a pauper.


And in the USA:


Through an intentional shift in taxation to those who profit the least, the wage earners:


And a whole host of other tactics:


These tactics include floating fiat money with no inherent value, and the oft vaunted War on Drugs:


Along with completely un-Constitutional fiat laws like Civil Forfiture:


Yes Virginia, the anti-Constitutional "creep" in "our" government really is intentional and is a direct result of the wealthy and multinational corporations bribery of Our Congresscritters.


What are popular apocalyptic visions of humanity's future enslavement?