Was President Obama effective in presenting his case for an expanded campaign against ISIS in his prime-time address on September 10, 2014?

Here we go again, being driven into yet another war for corporate profits.

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Obama's speech of 9/11/14

( Tips hat to Charlie Fortin for his great analysis )

I found it absolutely frightening because it showed clearly the the guy we thought got elected … The government reformer, war protester, and activist… isn't that at all, and has been thoroughly, completely, co-opted by our military industrial complex.

Here's what I heard: Lots of rhetoric and naming of the "Other" as evil, along with lots of justifications for attacking and killing folks in a FUBAR situation that the government created with its "nation building" and double dealing over the last 50 years, from a guy who consistently disputed  the BS excuses of prior administration's.

The tone was reminiscent of speeches used by Bush Jr. to support his +10 year war.

Was it effective? Absolutely, but not by virtue of any skills Obama has as a statesman. It was effective because most Citizens are really bad at independent analysis, calling "bullshite", and US History. They also tend towards being extremely credulous with regard to claims by government because most desperately need to believe that their government is working in their best interests.

Now, onward to my constant question in all things government related: Cui Bono? (Who profits from this?)

Citizens? Nope, we get stuck with the bill. Bush's never ending Gulf War proved that.

The Constitution?  Nope, the last war we got screwed into tolerating cost us almost the entire Bill of Rights.

Multinational corporations? AH HA!
There it is…




War is also absolutely wonderful for Wall Street!

The answer to this one little, radical, question explains everything when considered in tandem with this chart…


Go ahead, I DARE you! Look up the big arms corporations here.

Was President Obama effective in presenting his case for an expanded campaign against ISIS in his prime-time address on September 10, 2014?

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