What would be a fairer tax code in the United States?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

One similar to that which we had shortly after the great depression where those who benefited most from our infrastructure, and markets, paid the most in taxes as a percentage of income.

What we have now is insanely wealthy folks like Murdock paying LESS in taxes, as a percentage of gross income, than folks who earn 1/1000 his income.

While multinational corporations like Apple, GE, Halliburton etc. pay zero or less as a percentage of gross by using a series of Congressionally created "loopholes" to play an international game of Three Card Monte with their profits.

And you actually wonder why you (the private Citizen/wage slave) now has to wait until May 18 to start keeping YOUR money?!

What would be a fairer tax code in the United States?