What needs to change to prevent members of Congress from being puppets of wealthy campaign contributors?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

We simply need to find a way to ENFORCE, AGRESSIVELY, the existing Constitutional Law contained in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

This Law was SPECIFICALLY written with the broad strokes used, in order to put some really nasty teeth in the Oath of Office which is required of every Congresscritter, and to PROTECT the Constitution from fiat laws and the rogue Congresscritters like those who wrote and voted to pass:
The Patriot Act
Federal taxation of individuals without apportionment amongst the States.
The Monsanto Protection Act (aka 2012 HR 933 Section 735… look it up, it GUT the Rule of Law AND Judicial Oversight in all matters regarding GMO plants and critters. Worse yet, it specifically directs the Secretary of the US Department of Agriculture to issue a "waiver" which voids the effects of ANY judge or citizen action that restricts the use or production of GMOs… As a Veteran, Citizen, and Voter, I find this "little law" truly terrifying because it removes, entirely, Our ability to protect ourselves from potentially toxic, or enviromentally destructive "food")

This Constitutionsl Law (which WAS properly enacted snd Ratified through the Amendment Process) adds "rebellion or insurrection against the US Constitution" by those who have given an Oath to protect said Constitution as a high crime, and it also defines the intentionally draconian penalties for such rebellion or insurrection against the US Constitution.

Such actions of "rebellion or insurrection against the US Constitution" are taken when Congresscritters write or pass fiat laws which directly, and intentionally, contravene, subvert, or evade, the legitimate, Constitutionally based, restrictions upon government power contained in the Constitution without using (or while evading) the Amendment Process so that the new "law" complies with the Constitution.

ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION (and no, I don't give a rat's ass what SCOTUS "conveniently" asserts… the Law says precisely what it says, especially if you diagram the sentence): The Amendment Process is the sole, singular, legal, method for changing the Constitution, and always has been; whether that process was started by Congress, or by We the People through Our State legislatures.

Sadly for Our Nation, this section of the Constitution has been "conveniently" "declared" to not apply to Congress, and the wall of "Standing" was intentionally raised to eliminate Citizens or States attempting to enforce it against the government, or the Congress.

Better yet, since 504/535 of "our" Congresscritters are bribed into treason agsinst the Constitution they swore to protect, it will "oh sooo conveniently" NEVER be enforced, except by a mass up rising of the Citizens.

This situation in OUR Nation is directly akin to a rogue corporate Board of Directors arbitrarily and capriciously changing the Bylaws of the Corporation to increase their power and profit, while denying the Shareholders (the true Owners of the corporation) the ability to vote on, refute, or roll back, those changes.

What needs to change to prevent members of Congress from being puppets of wealthy campaign contributors?