Is President Obama a failure?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Preface: Please do not mistake this for a partisan answer.  The "Republican " party brass are no better, and are perhaps a bit worse.  I strongly believe that if Teddy were to return to Congress he would be completely occupied using his "big stick" to soundly BEAT both sides of the aisle about their heads and shoulders!

From the perspective of the Citizens, The Constitution, and the Nation, Obama is an abject failure because throughout his presidency he has ignored the following issues in favor of distracting Citizens with gay msrriage, Illegal aliens, etc…:

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He actively supported, and colluded with health "care" industrialists to remove ANY chance that Citizens might repudiate the insurance based medical mafia:

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He actively supported, aided, and abetted the largest FRAUD ever committed upon the Citizens of my Nation by flat refusing to prosecute the banker mafia by using RICO, which is purpose written to deal with them.

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He has allowed those frauds to continue by not directing Place Holder to use RICO against banks foreclosing upon properties for which they hold NO LEGAL CLAIM:

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Is President Obama a failure?