Would the USA be better served by the profits of our natural resources (oil, natural gas, etc) if they were nationalized?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Absolutely!  We have multinational corporations strip mining Our natural resources for Their profits. THEN they have the unmitigated gall to evade our legitimate taxation of those profits by using an international game of Three Card Monte.

It's LONG past time for this crap to end!

1) We the People get those profits instead of multinational corporations. Look at the oil profits for Alaska, or Norway.

Now find those companies here:


And here:


2) We the People get the benefit of using our own oil (or sitting on it as a National Reserve, which would be the wiser option).

3) We the People get an extra baseball bat to deal with intentionally  irresponsible corporations like BP which intentionally pollute our ocean by using substandard blowout preventer which THEIR OWN ENGINEERS TOLD THEM WERE INSUFFICIENT TO THE PURPOSE.
By the way… BP sued two months ago to set aside the SETTLEMENT which they agreed to in order to evade prosecution for their intentional crimes of using substandard wquipment, and drilling over the 400 feet deeper than their permit allowed for (its called drilling on Federal Property without a valid permit, and it's cause to revoke ALL of their permits)… Talk about Greedy Lying Bastards!

4) If another nation gets upity about our consumer safety laws, we no longer sell to them.

5) If one of these corporations evades taxes… you're OUT OF HERE!

6) It would put an end to the big oil companies Bribing out legislators for "special" favors like this:
I would note that their "little spill" also irreperably contaminated the properties of over 400 Citizens, and in an earlier era would have designated them as an E PA Superfine Site… Cheveron, by their gross, intentional, negligence, TOOK the ability to use those homes (by contaminating the properties, with crude oil, beyond repair) from Citizens and has not paid a single dime in reparations to them.

Would the USA be better served by the profits of our natural resources (oil, natural gas, etc) if they were nationalized?