Do people hate President Obama or do they just hate his skin color and background?

Answer by Matt Wasserman:

Some people hate him because he's black. That's unavoidable in a world where some people hate others because of the color of their skin. Almost no one is going to admit to this, but it's definitely true in some cases.

I can't speak for everybody. There are going to be many reasons why people don't like this President.

I hate him because I think he's morally and intellectually dishonest.

I hate him because we had a huge opportunity for real change in the way this country is governed, real change in the way we handle social policy issues, and he turned out to be more of the same. He's managed to prove that a modern black President can pander to corporations and trash the Constitution just as well as a white one, if not better. Yay! Equality!

I hate him because his rationalizations and constant use of semantics show that he knows he's wrong, but he refuses to change.

Mostly I hate him because even though I didn't agree with all of his policies back in 2008, I thought he was real and legitimate and his unusual (by Presidential standards) background and personal history would actually make him different. I hate him because he symbolizes my naivete, thinking that the system would let anyone not of the same mold make it to the White House.

My hatred for Obama is a form of self loathing. I hate being played for a sucker.

Do people hate President Obama or do they just hate his skin color and background?