What are some feasible alternatives to taxation as a source of government revenue?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Taxation isn't the problem, and never has been the "problem."  In point of Fact, it's the only practical way for a group of Citizens to insure that their infrastructure gets paid for, and maintained without an excessive number of free riders.

The actual problem is that due directly to corporate bribery of Our Congresscritters,  multinational corporations have had "loopholes" opened for them while ordinary Citizens can't access those "loopholes"   ("loopholes"… sounds… sweet, kind of like "oops we missed that" while in reality being completely intentional! )

Here's the results;


And Here:

And Here:



Now, do you WONDER WHY the Infernal Revenue "Service" ONLY prosecutes ordinary Citizens (in direct and intentional contravention of the 14th Amendment equal rights and protection under the Law clause)… I do!  Here's why:


Do you see any names in common between this chart and the ones in the chart$ above?

I certainly do!!

It's either time for Passage and Ratification of the American Anti-Corruption Act,  or it's long past time for progressive applications of tar and feathers in Washington D.C.!

What are some feasible alternatives to taxation as a source of government revenue?

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