Are atheists subconsciously afraid of being judged for their actions?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Excuse me a moment… *wipes up +1/2 cup of spilled/sprayed coffee*

Wow… ok I'm back. Thanks for the laugh!

Let's break this down.  If anything its just the opposite!

"Sin" is a religious concept that entails violating religious precepts of the religion you choose to believe in… so no, I didn't "sin" and since I don't believe in gods or the religious zealots they seem to prescribe, what you propose as a "reason" for my avoiding religion can't logically be applied.

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See, my reason for being an atheist, when you get right down to it, is the fact that I was sent to a Revivalist Southern Baptist Sunday school at age 6.

Their behavior included rapping my knuckles and spanking me in "response" to my reasonable questions about the massive incongruity contained in the Bible… and no, I've never been one of those folks for whom "Because We say it's so!" is an acceptable answer.

So I kept asking, and they beat me for "Doubting the Holy Word of God."

I didn't have the words for it then, but now I do.
Here they are…

ANY organization that uses abuse, and brainwashing tactics on CHILDREN is fraudulent, and is utterly useless as a foundation for my morals.

ANY organization which allows priests to molest or otherwise abuse children, and then aids and protects those criminals by moving them around the world to evade prosecution,  is utterly useless to me as a foundation for my morals.

ANY organization which blatantly and conveniently uses their holy book to "justify" abuse and murder of nonbelievers, in direct and intentional VIOLATION of the teachings of their claimed savior, is utterly useless to me as a basis for my morals.

Final answer: "Any system of belief which would shock the mind of a child is no system of belief at all!"

IF  you want this atheist to even consider your religion as a valid, usable, foundation for his morals you need to get your actions congruent with the words of your savior… AND you need to call out, publically, those sects within your religion which aren't.  It really is just that simple.

Are atheists subconsciously afraid of being judged for their actions?