Why wouldn’t American conservatives propose that nonprofits handle health insurance?

Answer by Kris Rosvold:

Here's why conservative (or "liberal") party brass don't propose that non-profit companies handle medical insurance:
There's no profit in such a proposition for the bribers and owners of "our" Congress.


Look at #s 24, 25 , 47, 58, 61, 87, 103, 104…. in the chart from the linked article.

Go ahead, click through the company names and consider their links to the medical mafia of health "care" in our society… I'll wait… no rush.

Now, consider for a moment what would happen to those corporate "donations" (read: Bribery writ large because of the implicit strings attached) were either set of party brass to suggest "such a henious thing."

This is also the exact reason that the Public Option was stripped out of the original PPACA (aka: Romneycare,  or Obamacare), behind closed doors, before the Citizens even had a hint of a chance to look at, talk about, or weigh it.  This law, had it gone through intact, would have cut our national (and individual) cost for health care by almost 50% while offering a functionally usable alternative so that EVERYONE Citizen has real access to health care. This holds true whether you look at those costs as a percentage of GDP, or as a cost per capita.  Do you ever wonder where that "extra" money we pay goes to?  I do.  Especially when I look at the Fact that,"our" Congresscritters passed a law (the only one of its kind in the world) that the largest healthcare provider in the nation (Medicare) had to pay List Price AND couldn't even look at (track or talk about) other cost bases for the exact same products…

Oh!… wow… ok… You really believe that these are "just donations", and that they don't actually have any strings attached?  So..  you're saying that these organizations which are so driven by profit that they have and do kill Citizens without a second thought (Excepting of course their profit), would just give away billions of dollars for "Tha Gud of the Peeples and tha Nashin!"?
How cute!

What?! Me? Cynical?
Could it simply be that I've been watching the Actions of "our Congress" and I've been given ample reason for my cynicism over the last 40 years?

Why don't American conservatives propose that nonprofits handle health insurance?