Separating Religion and State is intentional and there’s no reason to change it.

*DEEP sigh*

Okay, so we’ll break it down one more time:

From Wiki (yes, it’s that easy to find):
Here’s what the Constitution actually SAYS in the First Amendment:
First Amendment to the United States Constitution

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”[1]

The Prohibition:
Congress shall make no law respecting
Okay… so respecting about, or pertaining, to WHAT?

Part 1, before the comma:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
So we know that respecting means “about or pertaining to”…
SO… Congress is as of this point under a Blanket Prohibition which specifically prohibits them from using Law to speak about an establishment of religion… can’t say ANYTHING in Law, either for it or against it.

What’s an establishment?
So… here’s that bit:

[ih-stab-lish-muhnt] Show IPA noun
1. the act or an instance of establishing.
2. the state or fact of being established.
3. something established; a constituted order or system.
4. ( often initial capital letter ) the existing power structure in society; the dominant groups in society and their customs or institutions; institutional authority (usually preceded by the ): The Establishment believes exploring outer space is worth any tax money spent.
5. ( often initial capital letter ) the dominant group in a field of endeavor, organization, etc. (usually preceded by the ): the literary Establishment.

From Jon Grouberts’ wifes’ hard copy of Blacks Dictionary of law regarding The Establishment Clause;

Such language prohibits a state or the federal government from setting up a church, or passing laws which aid one, or all, religions, or giving preference to one religion, or forcing belief or disbelief in any religion.”

So to translate this into modern English:
Congress may not EVER use Law to speak about Religion, they also may not EVER limit the freedom of speech, or the freedom of the Press, or restrict the Right of the People to peaceably assemble to demand a redress of grievances from the government.”

Seems pretty crystal clear to me. In short – Government may NOT ever use Law to support religion, but they ALSO can not ever use Law to stop you from supporting it in your private* life.

*Private life = as a private Citizen, as opposed to as a member of our government.

To put a finer point on it:
You’re more than welcome to pray or read your holy book pretty much anytime and anywhere you please, but you are not permitted to use a government position (say as a court clerk or publicly funded school teacher) to force others to comply with your beliefs.

So… if you want to read your bible on your lunch… fine. If you want to refuse to issue marriage licenses for gays in a State where gay marriage is legal… not fine. This last is called “Using a government position in an attempt to enforce your religious beliefs upon others.”

As to claims that “This doesn’t apply to the States.”

Sorry, wrong. If for no other reason than the Fact that marriage is, under the Law, a privilege* which offers immunities.**

Here’s the full Answer to that blatantly false claim…

U.S. Constitution, Amendment XIV
Section 1.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Since the several States explicitly agreed to be legally bound by this language through the process of Ratification…. Yes, sorry, it does apply. Further, because of the explicit agreement from the several States, it applies directly and specifically to the States.

For those unclear on the concept:

Approval or confirmation of a previous contract or other act that would not otherwise be binding in the absence of such approval. If an employer ratifies the unauthorized acts of an employee, those actions become binding on the employer. A person who is under the legal age to enter into a contract may ratify (and thereby adopt) the contract when he or she reaches majority, or may refuse to honor the contract without obligation.

We Ratified this Amendment (= change or revision) in 1868 and though large parts of the provisions have been un-enforced the actual words still mean the exact same thing: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge (means injure, limit, or damage) the privileges or immunities of Citizens of the United States,…”
Note carefully that there are precisely zero exceptions contained in this language. That’s intentional!

The other reason we think this limitation is in the First Amendment to Our Constitution is because (as noted here and thanks for the heads up to Roger Simpson) one of the folks who wrote our Constitution said as much repeatedly.

From the above comment:

Simply put, President Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Association why he would not proclaim national days of fasting and thanksgiving. In his letter, he wrote that:

“I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”

As to what he meant by that, it is easy to see. Jefferson was the author of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (of which he was more proud than writing the Declaration of Independence), which states:

“… no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested, or burthened in his body or goods, nor shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief; but that all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinion in matters of religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities”

I’ve had some additional thoughts come up as a result of the comments and discussions below…

First is that I glossed over the free exercise bit, so here it is. I’d note that this part seems just as absolute as the rest does.
“or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
This, quite blatantly prohibits federal government; and since the 14th Amendment, ALL government, from doing 2 things:
1) Saying that you can’t practice your religion as a private Citizen.
2) Imposing ANY form of religion which you didn’t choose upon you.

So this sword of the First Amendment cuts both ways, as we’ve seen in the cases of American Indian religions which have successfully challenged drug laws with this.

*Reply to an appologist claiming that the Constitution allows religion in Law by using quotes from the original body of the Constitution*

Yes, that’s the original language which was changed by Amendment via Ratification by the States.

Everything religious apologists claim about the original words of Our Constitution WAS true. It was also CHANGED in 1868, BECAUSE they were seeing a de facto trend in government (State and Federal) towards religious activism using laws and regulations. This change was the First Amendment which says, quite clearly:
“Congress shall make no law respecting (about) an establishment (organization in general) of religion…”

The direct, semantic, translation of that to modern language is, as I said, “Congress shall not use Law to speak about Religion. Neither for it, nor against it.”

Since this language was explicitly agreed to (Ratified) by the several States and the language of the 14th Amendment was also Ratified, that change in the First Amendment also applies to States.

Basically what the 14th says is that ALL Citizens of any State are also Citizens of the USA. Then it goes on to say that States may offer Citizens of the United States MORE Rights and Protections than the US Constitution does; but may not ever offer fewer rights and protections that the United States Constitution does.

Because the Several States explicitly, and legally, agreed to this language in the 14th Amendment through Ratification of it, those changes to Our Constitution apply directly to the States.

Now: Here’s the grand convenient “error” so many religious apologists make in this area of discussion…

The United States Constitution and its Amendments (means changes to) are not, in any way, shape, or form, “different things.”

These Amendments are all part and parcel of the same supreme law. We merely retain the original (superseded/changed by Amendment) language, by tradition and intent, so that everyone (Citizens and Legislators) can track these changes and monitor them.

I’d also note that the intent of the First Amendment is made even clearer because one of the unchanged parts of the original Constitution (Article 6 last paragraph) also says, quite clearly, that:

“… no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

This paragraph is especially interesting in that, while it deals specifically with the issue of Religion in Government that the First Amendment addresses, it was intentionally left unchanged by the Amendment.

IF what religious apologists claim were true, (that religion belongs in our government) then any sane, reasonable, persons would have addressed and changed this Article 6 prohibition on religious tests with the First Amendment.
They, most emphatically, did not do that in the First Amendment which was Ratified (explicitly agreed to by the several States) just 4 years after the signing of the original Constitution.

With these Facts included in the picture, it is an utterly disengenuious obfuscation to claim that there was ANY intention to permit religion any entre into our government because this “oops we missed that bit” of the Bill of Rights just 4 years later would have been the perfect opportunity to make that clear.

Instead they chose to bolt the door, after slamming it on religion in government, by saying “Congress shall pass no Law respecting an establishment of religion…”

Sorry there’s just zero wiggle room in these Facts, no matter how badly apologists want to “create” some.

This has been an awesome, incredibly valuable, discussion and I’m grateful to this community for bringing a large dose of sanity, fact and reason to the comments below; in what is a very difficult, emotionally fraught discussion. Kudos to all!


The truth about policing

Whenever a cop abuses their authority (which.. To be perfectly clear is only LOANED to them by us in our name) to harm a person who’s done nothing wrong there’s several places I place the blame:

  • First and foremost the lions share of the blame goes to the cop who abused their authority and their oath to protect our Constitution.
  • The next largest share of the blame goes to the ostensibly good cops who struck themselves blind and mute in order to protect the false sanctity of the Thin Blue Line, in the exact same way Catholic bishops did to CYA for child molesters in the church.
  • Don’t try to tell me this shit of cops LYING doesn’t happen or that it’s “an aberration.” It isn’t and we both know it. I’m sorry the Truth hurts folks, and standing silent in the face of Evil IS Evil! Zero excuses. If y’all want to point at a mess on my kitchen counter, y’all need to clean your OWN damned house first.
  • Next the balance of the blame goes to the ass hats who decided it was a good idea to train cops to believe that ordinary citizens are The Enemy.
  • The fuck wad cuntmuffins who thought that allowing corporate fascists to profit from human misery was A Okay.
  • I also blame every congresscritter whose ever supported the fascist, racist, false flag, CIA supplied , War on Drugs .
  • (Looking STRAIGHT at you here Hillary)Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton Accepted Almost the Same Amount of Prison Lobbyist Donations

Michael A Woods Jr called this shit out when he blew the whistle on the entire Boston PD as an anonymous Twitter account 4 years ago, and more recently out in the open.

Y’all want my respect? Y’all want my cooperation? EARN IT by standing T.F. Up when you run across these Shitweasels As Michael A Woods Jr did. Y’all know who they are as well as I do. Probably better.

As Answered: When a cop abuses his power and hurts private citizens do you blame the cop or system that trained him?

Our NBFU Gig Economy

I’ve been watching what we’re calling the gig economy since its beginning and it’s a really interesting thing.

I need to say up front, as a life long Electical Engineer and Field Service Technician, that I have little to no respect for the field of Economics Theory as a “science” because it really isn’t a science and isn’t used or empirically tested as actual Scientific Theory would be. This Fact makes Economic Theory an art rather than a science every bit as much as painting pictures or sculpting marble is an art. Arts don’t require any relationship to verifiable, testable, disprovable, fact. Science does.

Ergo: Economic Theory is strictly an art, and yes; I will fight you on this until such time as the parameters and results of Economic Theories can be empirically tested in the lab using instrumentation and without the use of psychology (another art).

From: xkcd

As with traditional jobs, and depending entirely upon how it’s structured, gig work can be a huge boon to both the buyer and the worker, or it can serve the buyer and absolutely screw the worker.

Here’s the difference between those two outcomes.

When applied through an open medium like Craigslist, (which is where this whole thing started in the modern age) gig jobs and gig skills get advertised and organically matched in a way which serves both the buyer and seller. The seller has complete control over the wage they get and the buyer has complete control over the wage they pay. Where these two meet a gig job is created via mutual agreement. If the wage offered is too low there’s an opportunity for the seller to counter-offer a higher wage or other concessions. If the wage demanded is too high there’s an opportunity for the buyer to offer a lower wage or other inducements.. But.. And here’s the critical part:

If there is a mismatch where the sellers don’t feel served by the terms offered, the job goes begging; and this metric applies in BOTH sides of the transaction equally.

This is the best case for a gig job and a gig worker. It’s essentially equivalent to walking into a shop electronically and negotiating with the owner to have a table built. This process allows the seller to account for all their costs and profit in setting the end price. It ALSO allows the buyer to limit price according to their budget for the task. Now let’s look at the worst case:

Uber and Lyft

With these two “Gig-Economy” jobs an app is used to “match” buyers and sellers with a dictated pay scale based upon hidden demand metrics which the buyer and seller each have zero control over except to walk away from the gig on offer. There’s no opportunity to negotiate terms or rate for either party. There’s no opportunity to account for your costs in providing a service or product, and there’s no opportunity to limit costs by offering better non-cash terms. The (variable) rate paid is dictated to both parties by the company and the company skims a percentage of the transaction (rather than a flat fee as Craigslist does) right off the top.

This dynamic introduced by the app (which is designed into it) changes the ground level dynamic of the exchange from one where both the buyer and seller get to account for their needs in negotiating a match into one where the buyer and seller are forced to an Accept Or Reject choice rather than a true gig where the terms are negotiated.

There’s also a huge, and onerous, list of requirements dictated by the company, and a ranking/buyer feedback component, without a matching seller ranking/feedback component, which effectively places all power to dictate terms in the hands of the buyer without any regard for the sellers fixed costs.

This is the problem, and that single mismatch of power in the transaction makes the Gig-Economy a straight rip-off from the worker’s perspective.

If Lyft and Uber didn’t have those requirements they dictate it might be a marginally better deal for the worker but those mandates are there.

Here’s the difference: In a cab company there are fixed expenses and if the company is to survive it MUST account for those vehicle, insurance, taxes, fuel, maintenance, medallion (permit), and etc. expenses in its rates to customers.

With the gig app (as it’s currently set up) there’s zero need from the company’s standpoint, (or more importantly the buyers standpoint) to account for any of those things except when they hit the point where sellers start walking away completely.

Here’s what those requirements looked like in ‘14.

Lyft says its drivers can make $35 an hour. I spent a week driving to see if that’s true.

This set up transfers ALL the legitimate costs of running a business from the company to the workers (sellers) and, with the same hand, takes away the ability of the worker (seller) to negotiate any terms to account for their fixed costs in their wage.

The results are that Lyft and Uber get to skim pure profits off of transactions without having to pay for any maintenance or equipment costs.

This tactic is directly equivalent to a factory owner forcing workers to buy the machines making the product and then refusing to perform, or pay for, any maintenance of that equipment.

Which gives us this today:

‘Uber is a rip-off for its drivers and the public’: Cab Drivers Protest Rideshares in Chicago

Federal Lawsuit: Lyft drivers being underpaid by company

Greedy Lying Bastards

A brief history of recent US financial frauds.

Most of us have been there where our lives have been slammed by the frauds created on Wall Street.

This is my story of that history, replete with the #DamnedFacts and citations.

Yes, I was almost one of those examples of perfectly normal, perfectly responsible folks becoming homeless through zero fault of their own… let me tell you a little story of oligarchy and Kleptocracy which I know tens of millions of other folks are still experiencing on a daily basis.

See, it’s like this…

Throughout my life I’ve been told that I need to save for retirement and I did. I used small savings and loan banks initially because I believe in keeping my money working in my community. I also invested in the stock markets because that was the only way to beat inflation which I had access to.

So I saved from day 1 of my working life. In 1986 I’d built about $20,000 after 8 years in the work force. The Savings and loan crisis stole all but $6,000 of that and it “vanished” into the gaping maw of Wall Street.

By 1995 I’d built my own business and was doing quite well. By 2000 I owned a home, and had over $100K in my retirement savings, most of which was invested in Wall Street via a Wall Street managed retirement investment account. Then came the Dot-com bubble. It wasn’t just the highly speculative Dot Com companies which failed here. It was also most of their supposedly “safe investment” suppliers and vendors, and the suppliers and vendors of those companies, which got killed as the dot commies tanked hard and quit buying anything while they filed for bankruptcy protection.

The auto manufacturers, dealers, and home builders (along with all of their, now laid off, employees) got hit hard too because suddenly no one was buying cars or homes.

We literally had Master Carpenters and other high level, highly skilled, tradesmen who had been earning over $45/hour (equivalent to $72.84 now in 2017) roaming the streets of better neighborhoods knocking on doors and trying to find ANY rat work at $15/hour.

Because of those Wall Street created ripples I lost well over $60,000. Also at this time the gal I’d bought the house with (whom I’d been with over ten years) found an old high school flame, and decide she’d rather do him… so we split. The one saving grace here was that we weren’t married and didn’t have kids so I didn’t get screwed on the house too badly. I did take a year “off” where I worked just enough to cover my bills, in order to recover my sanity and sort my life against the values/conditions I’d been living in. I also quit drinking at that point… but that’s another story.

Now… what’s interesting here is that in this latest ’06 crash the company managing my investments for me (because I can only be expert in so many things) lost not one stinking dime* from this crash, and not one of those highly paid “expert” persons ever went to prison. * Yea, they missed some profits, but they didn’t “lose” their capital through their gross negligence in allocating my investment money, and are now bigger than ever. Plus the laws are rigged so that I couldn’t even try to sue them to recover the losses they caused me with their gross, intentional, negligence and blatant fraud in selling me Reverse Derivative REIT stocks.

Goldman’s SEC Settlement by the Numbers: We Do the Math — ProPublica

So… I took my year and change off, went down to southern California with a buddy and lived the easiest life I could for a bit. At this point I’d lost over 2/3 of my hard won retirement money twice in under 20 years, and was completely fed the fuck up with Wall Street’s Three Card Monte,* lies of saving my way to retirement. In each of those three decades I’d have been far better off had I played that money at the black jack tables in Vegas or Atlantic City. The odds at black jack then were such that the House walked away with about 20% instead of the +60% Wall Street had stolen from me… twice now.

*Three Card Monte Scam (Tutorial) aka: Wall Street

So after I got my heart and life sorted a bit in 2001, I left for Oregon because I was fed up with the rats in a wheel lifestyle of California and wanted to get far away from the big cities which breed that crap. I landed in Lapine, Oregon and found work immediately with an HVAC company. It paid well and I was doing fine. I started saving again but in a credit union because with Wall Street, as with Three Card Monte, if you can’t see the sucker sitting at the table you’re playing then you’re the sucker. I watched the housing bubble build, and wasn’t worried because I wasn’t in Wall Street. Then in ’06 the bubble Wall Street and their fraudulent bankers had built from scratch using fraudulent A and AA risk ratings “popped” The Big Short

Here’s what allowed this reverse derivatives fraud (which these Shitweasle fraudulent bankers sold into our retirement portfolios through the back door)“happen” and you can thank Reagan and Slick Willie for it.

I still wasn’t worried about the now $48,000 I had left over from the two prior rip offs (of almost $80,000 in capital) by Wall Street because not a dime of it was in Wall Street. Boy, howdy, was I wrong. It wasn’t just the fraudulent sector of the market with the (Wall Street created) bubble and their suppliers that crashed this time. It was the ENTIRE fucking world economy they crashed. Everything on Main Street just flat died. For 8 long years no one living on Main Street, or depending on it, spent a single fucking dime that they didn’t absolutely have to, because they didn’t have it to spend. Wall Street got bailed out, had big partys, took their fucking bonus money out of OUR fucking bail out dollars and then sequestered (aka: sat on) the rest of it because “it was just too risky” to lend us OUR OWN GOD DAMNED MONEY.

I lost my job to “downsizing” and because of the tens of millions thrown out of work the same way, there were ZERO available jobs except at the very bottom of society (cooks, cleaners, etc); plus there were dozens if not hundreds of applicants for every single job opening no matter how shitty the wages and working conditions. People with PHDs and folks like me with 20 years experience and Batchelor’s degrees were “unhireable” because we had too much experience (aka: we might have the utter gall to demand more money if we increased a company’s profits).

I survived, but ONLY because I’m a multi talented country boy and an excellent cook. I still knew how to live cheap, and I had that $48k.

Many folks, a great many, didn’t survive this corporate fascist created shit show and were driven into living in mom’s basement, or couch surfing friends homes. I was one of those friends who had couch surfers when I could.

I moved to a trailer park, filed for unemployment, filed bankruptcy in ‘05, and figured I’d be ok until this Banker created shit storm for fun and profit blew over.

If you haven’t seen the Big Short watch it now. These fuckers knew EXACTLY what they were doing with reverse derivatives, and our “regulators” did too. Yet everyone kept completely silent about it until ordinary people started back tracking… even then not ONE of these fucweasle twatwaffle financial rapists ever went to prison. Nor did ANY of the regulators who turned a blind eye to CYA for them. Not. One. Still.

Thanks Obama!

Back to the story… yes, I survived… sort of. Construction was dead, any form of building was dead, so I took my diagnosis skills and eventually found a decent job fixing restaurant equipment and later commercial laundry equipment too. I met a gal who was in the process of losing her home to these banksters and moved in with her in ‘07. The bank apparently forgot about her until 2010 and so we stayed there rent free until I was able to buy a place in January of ’11 with my VA loan benefits. A bit after we moved to my place she decided she wanted more excitement and bailed. We got missed because they were just too damned busy here: Inside the Foreclosure Crisis

You would not believe the utter bullshit I had to go through to buy this home.. but that’s also another story of chicanery, carpet baggers, and outright fraud attempts.

Things are still tight, but doable, and y’all best brace yourselves because there’s another set of Wall Street created bubbles that’s about to bust which is 4 sided. Those sides are:

  1. Auto Loans Why The Auto Loan Bubble Matters
  2. Student Loans More Than 40% of Student Borrowers Aren’t Making Payments
  3. Shopping Mall Financing
  4. Fracking and Exploration finance Is $10 trillion bubble ready to burst?
  5. Do you SERIOUSLY think, after our experience in ’08 to now with the housing bubble, that this shit isn’t being done on purpose? If so I’ve got 4 one acre parcels of beach front land in Central Oregon for sale. Just $150 K a piece!
  6. Oh, and the housing bubble may be back too.. Another Housing Bubble?
  7. Fucking Shitweasles.

Even better here’s a fresh look at another aspect of that Three Card Monte Scam which both sets of Party Brass use to ass rape us without our realizing it… Dems And GOP Work Together Like A Boxer’s 1–2 Punch To Knock You Out

Oh… and Obama even ass raped us on his way out too. Remember all those homes the banksters stole with their reverse derivatives fraud? Yea, they’ve been sitting on them and Obama, on his way out the door, gave them a way to dump those homes into shell corporations so they can be rented back to us, instead of being forced to sell them cheap, so they can comply with the mandated stress tests by getting these non performing assets off their books..

Some fucking legacy there.

Even at this the shenanigans continue. My VA compliant loan has been through 5 “servicers” now (none of which I agreed to or had anything to say about) and each one has tried really, really, hard to convince me that their fucking “rules” “somehow” over-ride the legally binding protections I have which are written in to the terms of the loan. If I wasnt a complete asshole or I didn’t read law and contracts the way most folks read Ludlum, they would have screwed me out of my house by now… and I’d be homeless. Lord knows they’ve tried. One of those many protections, and the one they seem most annoyed with is that they may not legally declare me to be late with a payment until after the 16th of the month. They’ve literally tried everything to get me to give that up, including offering conventional FNMA 30 year refinance loans at around 2%.

Fucking Shitweasles

Not one bit of this was my fault in any sense. From Clinton’s Republican and Citibank written Bankruptcy “Reform” Act (which completely gutted Our ability to start fresh if we got under water), all the way through Obama ignoring the 7th Amendment in those Rocket Docket fraudulent foreclosures, to Obama giving banksters a way to dump the homes they stole off of their books using shell REIT corporations; every last bit of it was done actively by these bribed to treason Congresscritters..

And it was DONE to service the corporate profits of these corporate fascist bastards at Our expense.

This Chart Shows The Bilderberg Group’s Connection To Everything In The World

At this point I’m surviving, but I’m 56, I’ll never get to retire, and I’ll likely have to work until I drop dead… if, that is, I’m not made homeless first.

For anyone who wants to “blame” me for any of this I say fuck you, come stand in my shoes and those of my neighbors.

Come talk to me bud, I’ve got facts; whole thundering herds of them. Obama’s TRUE legacy

I’ve watched this shit be done by Congresscritters over the past +50 years now, and I’m not buying any of your bullshit excuses and obfuscation.

Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies

Here’s your signs:

Ilya Wolf’s answer to Is the free market to blame for the 2008 Financial Crisis?

Was 9/11 the result of a conspiracy?

TL:DR We don’t know and can’t currently prove whether 9/11 and/or some elements of it were a conspiracy or not..

However; on a scientific level the NIST Report to Congress with its 50 some redacted pages is utter bullshit. Given the long historical Record on CIA/OSS thuggery, General Wesly Clark’s 2007 public statements about the 7 planned wars, and the Record on events like Bay of Pigs, Iran Contra , MK ULTRA , Operation Mockingbird , Air America, and Project Northwoods, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out that it was a conspiracy, but only long after the perpetrators are dead or beyond prosecution.

In any case I have zero doubt that elements of “our” government would even hesitate at murdering 3,000 citizens or 30,000. Consider the costs to us of the current #Wars4Profit. Consider the costs to ordinary citizens of Vietnam or Korea or the current war mongers “declaring” the Golan Heights to be “part of Israel” in direct contravention of 6 decades of international law and treaties.

How nuts does one have to be to believe that the Bush administration was behind 9/11?”

Not very. In fact, not at all… These types of False Flag operations have been attempted several times before and the W.T.C. “event” looks and stinks of the exact same murderous hubris advocated by members of our military industrial complex in 1961.

Also consider the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”

Then consider that virtually the entire nation was demanding the use of RICO against the (now proven intentionally fraudulent) bankers who wrecked our economy for their profit and “our government F’ing bailed them out.

Then consider this: In the recent Cromnybus Bill Citibank rewrote Dodd/Frank to allow continued gambling with derivatives and the reverse derivatives which crashed the entire world economy from 2006 to 2012 using our federally insured deposit money.

Last but not least:
Here’s a whole series of scientists, engineers, fire investigators, high level military, and others who all say that every single “fact” created by Congress and N.I.S.T. out of whole cloth is a complete and utter lie.

None of the “sciencey sounding stuff” quoted in the Congressional Report matches up with actual Physics, or Engineering. The videos, and eyewitness reports, of the towers falling look and sound exactly like descriptions of buildings being intentionally pancaked (demolished) into their own footprint, to the point that several witnesses described it that way… and then in the days following were silenced.

Add to this the supposed “fact” that an aluminum skin and frame 747 supposedly “cut” a large portion of 1 1/2″ thick wall steel columns in W.T.C., and the supposed fact that a 757 at over 20 feet diameter supposedly “folded itself up and vaporized” into a 13 foot wide hole in the Pentagon.
A cruise missile is about 13 ft. In diameter (I’ve seen them both up close and personal)… Occam’s Razor folks…

Nor, does any of the Facts, Evidence, Citizen testimony, or Videos match up with the N.I.S.T. claims… in point of Fact one of the folks who tested the floor mockups to “prove” the pancake theory of the collapses calls those “test results” a lie. Just days later he is fired and the N.I.S.T. story line changes dramatically for a fourth time.

Add to these Facts the Fact that never, in the entire history of the world has any skyscraper, whether struck by a plane or not, “fallen down,” much less actually pancaked into its own foot print without destroying buildings just 100 feet away.

Note the striking similarities between acknowledged demolition and the W.T.C. “falling down”.

If you follow the money, the Bush Family are, and were, large stake holders in Halliburton along with several other arms manufacturing corporations; which corporations were bribers (oops… I mean “campaign contributors”) to the Bush Jr. And Cheney campaigns. Even better, Cheneys’ Halliburton “earned” ++$39 Billion in very “convenient” no bid contracts over the course of the subsequent war and, at least $22 million of those profits were directly due to fraud which a Federal Court buried the evidence of…

If you actually follow the money and ask “Cui Bono?!” Repeatedly, it’s a very short hop to believe something was extremely hinky about the whole situation, and that Bush, Cheney and the Criminals In America had a hand in it.

Now, if after this logic and Fact you still doubt that our government would do such a thing, get and read a copy of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

If you still doubt, consider that from 1968 to 1998 (that we know about) the C.I.A. was the largest expediter and importer of illegal drugs.


If after all that you still have any belief that our government is actually working for Citizens, there is no hope for you. Sorry.

It seems evolution may be working

Recently a rhino poacher was stomped by an elephant and then eaten by lions as steak tartar. Is evolution working here?

That a rhino poacher was stomped by an elephant and then made into steak tartar by lions may well be evidence of Evolution In Action.

TL;DR You’re going to have to ask the elephant in the room.

I sincerely hope it is evidence of that premise.

From the article

Sadly, since we don’t currently have any usable tools for opening a discussion with either the elephant or the lion about their motivation here, we can’t prove whether it’s evolution or something else operating. We also can’t prove whether they conspired, or if the elephant simply acted on their own out of pique and left the new carcass to its own luck.

Personally, I’d attribute it to Quick Karma biting him in the ass.. Deservedly.

Nope folks, this isn’t a joke.

I’m completely serious in my assertion that we honestly can’t determine whether or not this glorious event is the result of the evolution of species. It may well be, and I honestly hope it is.

Elephants are extremely smart critters even with the lack of opposable thumbs. They’re also known to be affectionate and gentle towards folks who show them kindness, and they’re able to bear long term grudges against those who harm them or their families.

Ever heard the expression “An elephant never forgets!” or “They have the memory of an elephant!”? Guess where that idea came from..

Fact or Fiction?: Elephants Never Forget

Elephants have amazing long term memory and I suspect are able to plan as well. I can’t prove it, but I’ve worked intimately with horses over two decades during my younger days and I can guarantee to you that horses (which aren’t as intelligent as elephants) absolutely can plan and they teach each other a great many things our hubris wouldn’t believe. I’ve seen it in action IRL.

The other issue here is that nasty old bugaboo: human hubris. We are taught from childhood (indoctrinated IMO) to believe that we’re the “smartest animals” simply because we have opposable thumbs and use mouth noises for language, when in reality the only thing those facts really tell us is that we’re able to communicate with each other over distances which exceed the grasp of our relatively puny senses.

Whence from here?

A legitimate case could be made that we humans are actually the stupidest of animals for the simple reason that we are the only animals on the plant who’ve willingly destroyed the entire ecology which sustains us. Empirically, that’s a dumb move on the level of sheep, lemmings or starfish. When we contrast that against elephants who plant trees with their feces.. Well what can one say?

If you’re upset that I’m fairly disgusted with my fellow humans I’ll ask you to look hard at the 2016 election where we had, as our only “legitimate” “choices,” a corporatist “vs” a corporation.

Yea, SMDH and Jesus WEPT people.

Note: It ain’t “cynical” when there’s ample evidence.

Sorry/ Not Really tho.

More to the point; I’m just sorry if those #DamnedFacts hurt. Besides that I couldn’t care less about feelers.

I’m a damn Aspie and am not wired that way.

On the Gaslit “Gun Control” issue

I am very concerned about school (or any other sort) shootings and I absolutely think that it’s a critical problem which we as a society must address.


Here’s my problem: I’m an Engineer and on the Aspie spectrum so I am incapable of operating based on emotion. I NEED Facts. I need measurable, verifiable, cold, hard, unforgiving Facts in order to construct a solution which might actually work, and those same Facts say quite clearly that everything we’ve done so far has done nothing or has actually made the problem worse.

Ponder everything we’ve done to “control” this problem.

Now ponder the Facts that during the exact same time frame where we added all these “controls” in the modern era (~1970 to Date) the frequency of these shootings has steadily and consistently INCREASED from once a decade to every other month. That’s an increase by a factor of ~130 even as the percentage of folks owning guns DECREASED by ~30%. Any sane person would expect (IF the availability of guns were the actual cause) the two percentages to track together, yet we’re seeing the exact opposite of that in real life.

Why don’t people understand that guns are the cause of mass shootings?

These shootings INCREASED by more than a factor of a hundred during the EXACT same time period that the percentage of families owning guns DECREASED by 30 percent.

According to one of the smartest guys to live on this dirt ball; the very definition of insanity lives in those who repeat the same actions but expect a different result each time. The results thus far speak for themselves.

These Facts tell this Engineer that one of two conditions exist:

  1. Reducing the percentage of folks who own guns is either causing, or is part of, the problem. Or.. (More likely)
  2. The percentage of folks who own guns has absolutely nothing to do with what is actually causing of the problem of people nutting up and mass murdering their fellow citizens.

So now what do we do?

An Engineer will look at the OTHER conditions which could feed the problem..

In this case I’d start looking at how stressed individuals react to stressors and how folks with poor coping skills react to those stressors. I’d look at the totality of the lives of the vanishingly small percentage of folks who nut up this way and start asking questions about how I’d feel subjected to those conditions. (Yes, it really sucks that the “simple” “solution” doesn’t actually work! Sorry. Now let us figure out what might work and try that.)

First I’d recognize that it really is a vanishingly small percentage of folks who nut up this way. At MOST it’s a few dozen out of some 324 million people, and that’s spread over a period of almost 3 decades. This isn’t to minimize the deaths they caused, but to recognize that it’s a SMALL percentage of our population which is less than (6.17 E-7) or 0.000000617% of people who commit these atrocities. Even if we look at only gun owners we’re still below (1.85 E-6) or 0.00000185% of the population of gun owners.

Here’s where I’d start looking:

I’d look at the planned and designed increase in income and wealth inequality such that where ordinary citizens once owned almost 80% of stocks and now its 50% because we no longer have any cash to spare. Why less than half of Americans are investing in the stock market

I’d look at the imposed rules in their lives and their ability or inability to control the stressors which drive them around the bend.

I’d look at their life history for things like poverty, being bullied, abusive bosses or spouses and whether their bullies/abusers were ever made to pay any price, and similar factors. I’d look at whether they were punished for physically defending themselves against a bully or an abuser.. As we seem to be doing in schools right now.

In troubleshooting there’s a principal called “Divide and Conquer” which is the process of identifying the symptoms and then dividing the set of inputs based upon what could or could not cause those symptoms, then you discard those parts which couldn’t be the cause and focus only on those parts which could be the cause.

We know that guns, in and of themselves, are not the cause because we’ve measured the decrease in percentage of families who own guns over the three decades when the frequency of shootings INCREASED by factor of 130 or so. That means we need to look at OTHER parts of the circuit for the failure point causing the symptoms.


Science and Engineering Principles do not lie. Ever.

Mainstream “News” Media absolutely DOES lie by both Commission and by Omission. Constantly.

Project Censored – The News that Didn’t Make the News and Why

What I find particularly interesting in this discussion is that only two “approved” positions are allowed to be discussed at any length on any MSM outlet around this issue.

Here they are:

  1. Guns are bad and you need to think of the CHILDREN!
  2. Paws OFF my guns!

What’s also interesting is that these two positions (which are the ONLY positions allowed to gain any traction on any MSM outlet) are the absolute most extremely polar opposite and divisive positions available.

I believe that is intentional; and given that just 5 multinational corporations own about 95% of all our media outlets outright, via a chain of “Russian Doll” style shell corporations, it would be fairly easy to do.. If it proves to be intentional then its also gaslighting.

Here’s who owns everything in the media today

Chart from article

It’s high time we all step out of this gaslighting, turn OFF those all the fucking idiot boxes, and start asking LOUDLY:

”Who profits from this shit?!”

Hint: It ain’t any ordinary citizens